My Short Story

My objective was to create something that is easily accessible and affordable. With over 8 years of experience in the jewelry industry, my journey truly began a few years ago when I noticed the overwhelming presence of generic and impersonal mass-produced designs dominating the online jewelry market. I firmly believe that jewelry should be a means to express individuality and stand out, rather than blending in with everyone else.

In 2017, I made the decision to drop out of college and started crafting bespoke jewelry pieces for acquaintances. However, my path took an exciting turn when I learned about the potential of selling on Etsy, with the ability to reach millions of people worldwide. This prompted me to establish my shop in 2018. It has been a delight to witness customers from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Israel, and many other places ordering from my shop. Now, I am enthusiastic about expanding my presence across these markets and beyond. As a result, I have set up my own online jewelry website, "SHIROI."


Our Collection

We mainly focus on creating beautiful light weighted and robust jewelry pieces that are easily available.
we use 92.5 Sterling Silver and 14k-18k Solid Gold metal. we are making precious jewelry at an affordable price

Our Believe

We believe, the finest of jewels need not come with the heftiest of price tags. Here, it’s all about affordable exclusive and standout pieces starring in a sumptuous and smooth shopping experience. our jewelry piece is all about that special glow on your face, to make you feel fabulous inside and look great outside.

Our Philosophy

We believe luxury should be accessible, fun and part of your every day, forever.

We are inspired by you; real, smart and mindful individuals. We commit to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices to produce quality essentials, making luxury affordable to everyone. Our motto is to provide fine jewelry at a fraction of the price. A mission to have women embrace a daily dose of luxury.

Every piece is handcrafted with perfection. Hand-crafted techniques have been used to achieve contemporary looks, using precious top quality metals promising the best quality. Our artisans are infused with dedication and perseverance providing you with the best artwork resonating the love and skills used while making it.

Our mission and vision are to provide luxury for your everyday use